Our Board of Directors

Sertoma Star Services Board of Directors includes a diverse mix of family members and professionals from throughout the Chicagoland area and Northwest Indiana. Their staunch commitment to keeping Sertoma Star Services true to its mission is balanced by their visionary leadership when pursuing new growth areas for the organization as well as the consumers whom we serve.

Bob Straz, Chair
Marchelle Goens, Vice Chair – Planning & Resources
Michael F. Ryan, Vice Chair – Assessment
Michael J. Michau, CPA, Treasurer
Tom Kallai, Secretary

George Fetcho
Alan Haraf
Ned Horney
Daniel P. Letizia
Mary Mayer
Rebecca Nagle
Larry Owens
Rick Thiernau
Kara Zilis

Our Executive Team

Sertoma Star Services is led by a dynamic team of forward-thinking professionals who combine their years of experience within the for-profit and non-profit sectors to shape a results-driven and consumer-centered organizational culture.

Interim Chief Executive Director – Gus van den Brink
Interim Executive Director – Kelly Berardelli
Chief Financial Officer – Mary Gonzalez
Chief Human Resources Officer – Catalina Pinon
Chief Development Officer – Patricia Trebe
Chief Business Support Officer – Ray Benaitis
Chief Risk Officer – Bryan Dunlop
Senior Vice President, Community Mental Health
   and Counseling – Kirk Hanson
Executive Director Leisure & Recreation Services
   of Sertoma Star Services – Mike McNicholas
Executive Assistant – Sharon Renzetti