Sertoma Star Services’ Community Mental Health and Counseling
is a Top Mental Health Provider in the South Suburbs of Chicago.
We are passionate about providing the highest quality treatment for you when you need us.

Our Community Mental Health and Counseling programs and services support adults who experience mental illness to work toward personal recovery. Recovery is the idea that people can improve their health and wellness and live a full and meaningful life, all while having a mental illness. Everyone here is at a different place in their recovery, and our programs and services are designed to meet the unique needs and interests of every person served.

A Community Mental Health Center is an array of services. It can include both individual- and group-based services. Some are more about skill-building and psychoeducation, whereas other services are more about therapy and processing. We provide services both at our location in Matteson and out in the community. It’s a package of services from which people can choose to meet their needs.

Staff engage with people in a collaborative partnership focusing on the following principles: establishing a personal definition of recovery, building on strengths, creating a positive future, enhancing quality of life, reintegrating into the community, and increasing a natural support system.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation
The Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) program supports people in learning more about their mental illnesses and developing coping skills for symptom management to work toward personal growth and recovery, primarily through skill-building groups. PSR is considered to be an intensive and short-term program experience.

START Program
START is a specialized psychosocial rehabilitation program supporting people with an intellectual or developmental disability AND a mental illness. A Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) program supports people in developing the skills to manage their mental illness, socialize with others and decrease reliance on professional supports. PSR groups focus on developing coping techniques for symptom management and increasing personal growth skills through on-site educational groups. PSR also offers community support services that focus on community integration to generalize skills with support from staff within a community setting.