Announcement from the Board of Directors 

Kelly Berardelli has been appointed as the President/CEO of Sertoma Star Services, effective July 1, 2024. With her extensive background and experience working in the field serving people with intellectual/developmental disabilities, Kelly Berardelli brings a unique insight to serving the people Sertoma Star Services supports on multiple levels.

In the months following the untimely death of CEO Dan Strick, the Board of Directors conducted a thorough vetting and interview process to fill the role of President/CEO. To guide them, the board hired a consultant who specializes in recruiting executives in the IDD field. After multiple interviews with the consultant, the board’s executive committee, and the entire board of directors, the board chose Kelly, who served as interim Executive Director, as the unanimous choice to lead Sertoma Star Services.

“Kelly’s appointment as President/CEO of Sertoma Star Services brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and passion to the organization,” said Bob Straz, chair of the Sertoma Star Services board of directors. “Her leadership will undoubtedly steer Sertoma Star Services towards a new future and contribute to the agency’s continued success in providing exceptional services to our community.”

Kelly, who has a master’s degree in sociology, has more than 30 years of management experience in social service which includes most recently serving as Chief Program Officer and prior to that Vice President of Program Services. During that time, she led efforts to enhance the agency’s approach to service delivery to fully support community integration as a way of life focusing on each person’s right to lead and make choices about their own lives.

Previously, Kelly worked with children and youth with a variety of intellectual/developmental disabilities as a manager/administrator of therapeutic foster care programs. 

“I feel a deep sense of responsibility to not only the people we serve but to the agency,” Kelly said. “I look forward to leading the process to strategically position Sertoma Star Services for continued changes within our field and to seek out growth opportunities.”

Gus van den Brink, the agency’s interim President/CEO will retire on July 1 but will continue to work on integrating policies for the agency.

“Kelly has the ability to lead through change,” said van den Brink. “And that skill will be particularly helpful as the agency continues to navigate the post-merger integration process. The board was looking for someone to bring both a vision for the future as well as leadership and stability after Dan’s passing.”