Statement from the Board of Directors 

In the aftermath of Dan Strick’s untimely and tragic passing, the Board of Directors unanimously approved two interim leadership roles for Sertoma Star Services. 

Gus van den Brink will assume the interim position of President/CEO, and Kelly Berardelli will take on the role and expectations of interim Executive Director.  

While Gus will provide the overall leadership of the organization, Kelly will support Gus in overall agency functions. Gus served as Sertoma Centre’s Executive Director for 30 years and has returned from retirement to take on this interim position. Kelly has been with New Star since 2010 and has served as Chief Program Officer since 2022.  

The board has decided to appoint these interim roles to ensure for the most effective and transformative work possible during this transition. 

During this time of deep sorrow, we are immensely grateful to both Gus and Kelly for answering the call to lead the Sertoma Star Services community forward.